KU student researches FACTS on Mike Brown case in Furguson, MO


It is refreshing to see the facts in the events that started the racial controversy in Ferguson, Missouri. Unfortunately the court has already made a decision letting the policeman, officer Darren Wilson, get off without any reprecussions. Still, it is plain to see more problems with this case than I originally thought. Take a look at this student’s research into the case that involves a white police force in a predominately black neighborhood with the consequences so many people are protesting.

…The police department that Officer Wilson worked for prior to coming to Ferguson was disbanded after multiple instances of racial profiling.

-The forensic examiner broke protocol by failing to take crime scene photos. On page 95 of the grand jury transcript, she claims that this was because her camera had died, however, she goes on to describe how she immediately followed Wilson to the hospital in order to photograph his “injuries.”

Darren Wilson was then allowed to break protocol by washing the blood off of himself before it could be photographed….

To catch up on the story that has taken Ameruca by storm see NBC news coverage.


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