Keys to happiness


Summertime for kids is the happiest time. This is perhaps because kids are free from the demands of their teachers and have an abundance family bonding and fun activities going on. As a teacher myself, I have to admit being excited for summer break. Today, I saw a post on Facebook from my colleague on Pope Francis’ keys for happiness. The Pope has said that this is one secret for happiness, to make sure that there is time for leisure and family. However, I would say chocolate and ice cream have traditionally been my ways to keep happy, but sugar can only do so much. For a much wiser and deeper happiness, here’s the list.

The Dalai Lama also wrote a very good book on happiness which I’ve read and would recommend, The Art of Happiness. I was curious to read this because the Dalai Lama is known for his jovial nature and in pictures and videos he is always smiling. It’s amazing! His main idea among many in the book is that compassion for other people will turnaround and make us happy too.

Even for those who are not religious this is a subject that I think is great to consider. I appreciate these wise old men who are generous to share their secrets.


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