Starbucks College Achievement Plan for the future

I may or may not be a coffee addict. Today I saw something that makes me have genuine faith in and hope for the future of this country in the most unlikely of places, my coffee shop! In case you haven’t heard go to for the details or I posted the promo video in my last post.

I am increasingly frustrated with the cost of student loans I have acquired from my education that has landed me nowhere. Newsflash!  Hey, a job in my chosen field is not guaranteed with a degree, even a specialized Master’s degree? In addition, the ascent to a successful career is made harder when you don’t work while in school just to dedicate your time to meeting school requirements. Now, in perspective, enough with depressing loan debt discussions and onto the hope for the future that my intelligent niece and nephew will not have to go through the same thing!

The children of today will have more opportunities to live free of school debt burdens if other corporations follow suit. My hope is that they will see what CEO Howard Shultz can see. There is more than one major flaw in our education system. Preparing students for a career in connection with top companies is one and another is the cost of education. Once the head honchos can see that, gosh something can be done that is this big, this inspiring, and this important to the future of the nation.

Sure, the benefits could be better: only two years of college toward a Bachelor’s degree are paid for, and they are only online classes through Arizona State University (online classes are not ideal, especially math classes, take it from experience). Also, other corporations offer benefits for employees if they will in turn invest time in the company that fed them. But this CEO, Mr. Shultz, is not thinking of his company here, the innovative part of this program is that the students will be studying whatever they like to reach their own goals. Agreed it is not the smartest business plan, in that sense, since the goal of these student employees is to have a successful career not working for Starbucks. I hope the President of the United States of America, the CEO of Wal-Mart and other big or small corporations have the heart to invest in what is most greatly needed today.  I am impressed that Mr. Shultz has shown such humility, let it be contagious!


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