Little money left leaves people hungry

Food is an important part of human survival and it also brings people together. I love nothing more than having a great meal with my friends or family. See some khachapouri and Georgian wine from my friends!Image

Still, there is something that is not talked about very often among friends. Surprising to some people, Americans are still going hungry because they don’t have money for food.


There is a program for that, which my mother suggested I apply for since I’m without a job right now, but it is complicated because they need to have a lot of information (I don’t qualify right now). Many needy people don’t even apply for the program out of pride or perhaps they don’t understand the process especially if they come from another country. A concern for me was that if I were to be accepted, as a single woman, I don’t want to be taking money away from families with children who need food to grow and be healthy. I imagine there is a finite amount of money for everyone who needs assistance.This cool camera project is promoting awareness for people on SNAP benefits.

People who are hungry are in trouble. They don’t talk about it to others because it is not socially acceptable, just like you should always say that you are good in answer to the question “How are you?” In reality though, there are people hungry who feel lonely and scared and will hide it. Food is the last thing you pay money for when you know there are bills you are committed to pay. 

I admire places in the world such as China where food is one of, if not the least expensive commodities. Clothing should not be cheaper than a dinner. I can get a shirt  for < $10 but struggle to get a full meal for $12 a person. Even eating out doesn’t have to be expensive, a solution to hunger may be closer than we think. It could start with restaurants lowering their prices a bit! This is an Indian taco from the cafe in the NMAI, Washington D.C. Image

People need affordable access to food because it is important to our lives. SNAP program doesn’t give that to everyone it gives money not a solution. I think a solution to hunger in America starts with lowering the prices of food in this country.

Something should be done about hunger in America. It is acceptable to use your money wisely to pay the bills you need to pay. If that is not enough money to afford food, there is a problem with the system. Am I right, will lower food prices help? I have to think about how that could be done, obviously it is not easy since our food comes from all over the world. If you have had an experience with SNAP or have seen another country is better at combating hunger don’t hesitate to comment me below! 




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