Waiting for the mountain of money takes too long

Recently I went to a professional development conference in Washington D. C. directly relating to my field. I networked the heck out of myself (my colleague said she has never seen me talk so much!) and I want a great job in the field. I admit it helped that Starbucks supplied a never-ending coffee bar! Despite all that, I feel sad that  I just applied for a job that is not related to my degree. All that money and time invested in education in a field that I’m not going to be in.

Millennials graduating with bachelors and masters degrees are in trouble facing a crowded job market. To make matters worse, an astronomical amount of debt from college puts the pressure on to make money. At any cost, even if it means changing your career path to something less appealing. I have never been one who dreams of sitting on mounds of money like Uncle Scrooge McDuck 😉 but I have to be realistic. Flexibility doesn’t mean I gave up on my career and perhaps it will turn out well.

Scrooge McDuck skiing on mounds of money

Scrooge McDuck skiing on mounds of money



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