New Delhi

The four men convicted of the gang rape of two college girls that I mentioned in my last post have been sentenced to death by hanging. I am hopeful that this will send a positive message to anyone who even thinks about violating a woman. The Times seems to think that the death of these men will not make a difference. I think it is a victory for women’s rights. Today’s young men will be witness to the four men’s punishment for their violent crime against women and perhaps that will be enough to deter many future crimes.

Documentary on women’s transportation in New Delhi, India

Women should not be afraid of going out at night, why can’t cities keep the streets safe? The punishment of these four men will not take care of others who are still out there and have not been convicted so think they can take advantage of women.

Of course, I think a solution starts when parents teach their children to value and respect other people of all kinds. However, there are some things that the city or government can do to keep things safe. I am talking generally here because there are countless cites where women are afraid to go out at night.

1. City should provide safe means of transportation

  • by monitoring passengers
  • by making encouraging announcements for passengers to take the initiative to keep the bus safe (I heard these in China and it was the nicest subway I have ever been on, although it can be crowded)

2. City should provide brighter lights at night to light the streets

Am I right? This are just a few ideas; there are many things we can do to combat sexual crimes and provide safety for all. So leave a comment. I hope that women will not be scared to go out a year from now. Things can change, but people are slow to change. Until then, I sadly am with the women who take the advice to play it safe don’t go out alone at night and/or walk with buddy.


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