Tougher daughters of the future

Tougher daughers of the future

WSJ People are worried about what can happen to their daughter what do you want to say to them?


People think ‘Maybe we won’t let our daughters study; we’ll get them married.’ But this is not a solution to the problem. This is running away from a problem. I won’t say, ‘Don’t let the girls study.’ Make your daughters tougher so they can face a problem. You saw what happened to our daughter. With all her strength, as long as she had life in her, she fought and tried to save herself.


It’s OK to worry. But it’s not OK to place restrictions on going out, on studying. If they don’t study how will they get ahead in their lives? It’s necessary for girls to study, to go out. There’s nothing for girls to be ashamed of. The people who commit the crimes should be ashamed.

Keep fighting the fight. And claim your rights. If people are saying that women should have equal rights, then women have to fight for those rights.

This much is true: something isn’t right in our society. If something is happening to a woman, as a friend, as a brother, men should help them, and not join in the harm.

It seems that the proper procedures are happening for a trial of the guilty men. However, this tragedy happened in a public space. There needs to be stricter rules, maybe some mirrors or cameras so the driver can see and maintain safety for all his passengers.

I can’t even begin to convey all the sadness I feel for the woman and her family and the people of India. This make me want to scream for the rights of women and to fight for justice. This proves there is a problem in their system and  I agree with one of the commenters that something needs to be done. If this is the world that we are sending our children into, there needs to be more than parents who raise tougher daughters. I might be learning some karate to take care of these idiots.

More information on the case can be found here:


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